Being a Web Developer

Being a Web Developer

What matters the most to online businesses is their website. They can’t compromise the quality and functionality of that website in the least bit. It is their way of reaching out to their customers, telling them about their offerings, and making them take action.

This is why a lot of businesses that initially thought against building a website and in favour of continuing with their physical presence have realized how important a website is for getting in touch with more people and selling more. This is where web development comes in. Businesses need to hire qualified and experienced web developers to do the job for them.

As we are seeing a continuous rise in the number of businesses going online, the demand for web designers and developers is also increasing by the minute. However, you need to be different in the sense that you should be able to help businesses create a unique presence online. The competitive nature of the market demands business websites to understand buyer behaviour and be developed in a way that makes buyers decide in favour of buying from that business.

The average base salary of a web developer in India is around Rs 3,08,000 per annum which includes around Rs 30,000 in bonuses and Rs 20,000 on a profit-sharing basis. This figure can go up to a maximum of 7,80,000 per annum or even beyond that depending on your experience, skill set, certifications, location, and employer.

If you are just starting out, you can expect to earn as low as Rs 1,23,000 per annum as well. Web developers are employed by some of the biggest companies that pay them really well. So if you get an opportunity to work with Inc, you will earn a salary of around Rs 1,400,000 per annum, which is the highest average salary that any company pays to its web developers. Other companies that hire web developers include Accenture, Cognizant, Tata Consultancy Services, Infosys Ltd, HCL Technologies Ltd, and Infotech, amongst others. There are various web developer jobs available in the market, there are options to choose from various employers, locations, salaries, etc.